Friday, December 30, 2011

Another cosmetic/ accessory bag

I am loving havng this week of to play in my sewing room. This morning I finally made a pattern I am really happy with. I made this bag this morning to hold my spare charger and flash drive. Once I get some supplies in I will be offering this exact bag with custom monogram for sale on my etsy shop. I will also make this pattern in other colors and various ribbon styles.

Kindle case

Another quick project. I got a kindle for Christmas along with a nice stand up case. However, my purse is a bottomless pit and I did not want the nice case to get marked up. I made a quick case that will hold my kindle in the case and my head set and charger.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

embroidered cosmetic cases

I wanted to make something small for the women in my life and had 2 weeks until Christmas. After doing some investigating I found cosmetic bag patterns and tissue holders. I am no Vera Bradley but I whipped a few things up to give as part of Christmas gifts this year. They were so well received that I am going to try selling these on etsy. I will have them listed as available in different color/ patterns of fabric with custom monograms. Here are the pictures of the ones I made and gave as gifts.

Memory Quilt

Now that I have gifted this quilt I can blog on it. My uncle passed on in February 2011 after a long battle with various health issues. He was truly a very inspirational man and the heart of his family. His passing saddened me deeply. He was always positive and joking around despite his poor health. I decided I had to find a way to help his family through this loss. After some research I decided I would offer to make a memory quilt from his clothing. My aunt promptly sent me some of his favorite t shirts and I began the task of turning them into a forever memory. I decided on a pattern and using my go cutter cut out the squares I needed. The top took me several months. Then, I had to decide on a backing and labels. I decided on army fabric for the backing since my uncle served in the army. In the end, I added a label for each corner. Each label was dedicated to him as a man, husband, father and grandfather. I was finally able to gift the quilt on Christmas Eve. Which, seems quite appropriate as it was his favorite holiday. This was an extremely emotional project for me and one I probably would not take on again except for a close relative, friend. I am extremely grateful my family trusted me to make this gift for them and allowed me to be a small part of their healing process. I love you all :)