Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rough One

This has been a rough week. Forgive me but this blog will be primarily venting. So here is the deal, I had a stroke when I was 6 as a result I have very limited use of my left hand. It basically moves on it's own so I can't use it as an assistant. When I first had the stroke I had to go to Physical and Occupational therapy. As you can imagine OT is so boring and tedious for a 6 year old. Luckily I met up with a therapist who introduced me to crafts and fabric. She would let me do most of the craft with my good hand but then she would have me use my left hand to the extent I could. I believe this is where my love for all things crafty began.

Irma introduced me to cross stitch in seventh grade and I worked on that hobby for years. Then many years later my boyfriend's mom gave me a book on how to sew teddy bears. This started my fascination with sewing which led to quilting. At first, I could not get the hang of quilting to save my life. Pieces I cut were uneven and sewn together in a mess. My dad God love him helped me out cutting shapes and supporting my new habit. I soon realized I had all the wrong tools and once I got the proper rulers and cutters I was able to make a much better go at it. I have made 8 projects in the last year.

Unfortunately all that sewing combined with the need to use my right hand for everything I do caused me to develop carpal tunnel. So, once again I could not sew. I had surgery in November for the carpal tunnel this left me virtually helpless. Now almost 3 months later I am wanting to sew again and having major issues because my right hand seems to be damaged or unhealed. I am not sure if I will ever get full use back. The doctor says it will take a longer time then normal for me to get use back.

This week alone I wasted 3 yards of fabric trying to cut blocks out for a baby quilt. I am now having to re adjust my already adapted practices for cutting to be able to do it. This is not easy as I don't have a good hand to take the brunt of the task. I am so frustrated at the prospect of not being able to quilt anymore. If anyone knows of any cutting systems out there that could help please let me know. I am on a fixed income so can't afford the Accu Quilt though that would work best for me. It is to bad that I could not become a correspondent for a quilt mag and do a piece on quilting with a disability. That would prob pay for the adaptations I need. I am hoping that this vent not only helps me feel better but maybe just maybe someone out there has some suggestions.

Thanks in advance
depressed in my sewing room

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