Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do UFO's grow when you are not looking???

I have been hearing so much about UFOs since new year's . Alot of people are working on finishing theirs. I have been thinking I don't have any ufo's. Boy was I wrong !! I found 6 this morning in various stages of the quilting process. 3 are tops ready to be quilted. 2 need sleeves and 1 needs to be finished into a top. That does not include the 3 quilts for kids I commited to and the baby quilt I am working on.Nor the 3 projects I have that I would like to get done before the holidays next year. I really hope my hand starts getting better. Right now I am thinking if I limit myself to 30-60 min a day I should be ok since i am resting my hand most of the day. Thankfully sewing does not really bother it to much most of the time since I don't keep my elbow bent for long periods while sewing. We will see how it goes but I would like to get these ufo's done before they grow again!!!!

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