Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have been ironing alot of yardage lately and a pile of scraps is staring at me day in and day out. So, I began the hunt for a new iron. Right before my wedding I went to a quilt show and saw the Oliso 1600 in action. It ironed seams like you could not believe. However, it was too pricy for me so I put it in the back of my head for maybe one day. Today we went to Joannes to get rotary blades and my dh noticed the oliso iron they had was on sale for 20% off. He asked me if I would like it but I said no. After coming home and discussing it we went back and picked up the oliso 1050. It was on sale for $79.00 and I got an additional $9 off. It is normally $119.00. I was nervous to bring it home and try it because I did not want to be disappointed. I got it home and guess what it is amazing. One pass ironing I already ironed 3 of my most wrinkeled 1/4 yd scraps. I cant wait to get it all ironed and cut !

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