Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilts Quilts Everywhere. . .

I had a little break from life this week. My husband and I went to Atlantic City for his birthday.  We had an amazing time. When we checked in we got upgraded to a suite because it was hubby's birthday. We enjoyed a romantic dinner and breakfast in bed. However, quilts were never far from my mind. In our hotel room alone I saw quilts in three spots.

Imagine all the colors you could use to do a positive / negative quilt like these chair backs. Also, this painting gave me a great idea for a quilt. If you are afraid of circles like I use to be I suggest checking out this book by Dale Fleming. It was a great help to me


In addition to doing the casinos we went down to North Wildwood and had lunch on the boardwalk and stuck our feet in the water.

I truly hope you all had as nice of a week as I did. Have a wonderful weekend. TGIF!!!

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