Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sewing blog or wedding blog hmmm...

Ok so I decided to change this blog for the next month to cover everything going on for the wedding. It will serve as a place for me to keep my friends updated, as well as, somewhere I can vent. We leave for Philadelphia to stay with Josh's parents in ten days. It is hard to believe all the planning is about to be over and our day will be here. This past weekend we booked our limo, got all the final paperworked fed exed and Josh's parents booked the rehearsal dinner. That was a big chunk of what was left to do. Then yesterday, we bought our ringbearer his little tuxedo. Check it out :

My next big thing to do is get my dress back from the seamstress. She will be bringing it back this week and I pray everything is ok. After 3 days of calling I finally found someplace in NY that will steam my dress. Alot of places won't touch a wedding dress if they did not alter it. Who knew???????

We are left with deciding on what to do about programs, printing a few pictures and stuff out and buying a few last minute items like my bridal purse. Not so much to do but most is a little time consuming.

We have 25 people who have not yet responded to inites so we are in the process of contacting them as we have to give the hall a FINAL number on June 30th. I am hoping we get the responses soon so I can start on seating charts. Speaking of seating charts. We ordered place cards with our pictures on them and they are still not here :( Also our cake topper is somewhere in transit or production. These are the little things that are stressing me out. I was never a last minute person but all of a sudden everything is last minute because I am waiting on other people. That is enough to driveme crazy !!!

Thanks for listening to me vent :)

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