Friday, June 25, 2010


After a rocky start to the week things are coming along nicely.

Monday night I got a call that my grandmother fell and broke her hip. She had surgery on Tuesday and is doing ok. We are waiting to see if she needs a transfusion today her hemoglobin is low.The doctors say it wil be a long haul but she should do ok.Josh and I will go visit her the saturday before the wedding. She won't be able to be at the wedding. I am pretty sad about that, but as they say the show must go on.

Tuesday I got a ups delivery from a dear friend. My friend Karen sent me the best tote bag. I thought I wanted one that said bride but would only be able to use that once. Well karen bought me one with my new Initials NJH so weird after 32 years to have a new name. Anyway I love love love the bag. Here is a picture of it:

We bought favor kits last night and program kits all for a total of $200.00 not bad at all. I had a coupon for Michaels and so it came out for favors and programs $2.00 per guest. Can't beat that !

I am getting really excited for our trip we leave 1 week from today !

My next blog will prob be sewing related as I am planning to go to a sewing / quilting expo today up in Ohio. I'll let you all know how that goes and hopefully get some good pictures.

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