Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trial and Error

I was so excited yesterday when I figured out how to create a design in the Artista software that came with my Bernina. This morning when I tried to embroider said design I was less then thrilled. This is what it came out looking like. Now granted i used poor thread choices on the writing but I was more bummed about the creases next to the design.

After three tries each adjusting something I was able to embroider this label. I discovered that when I got the few creases on this one it was when I was cutting the excess thread and stabilizer. Is there a trick to this?

My first try after the above disaster I changed needles, my second try I used diffrent thread and finally this last try I used a lighter stabilizer. I think it will look ok once it is sewn onto the quilt. Afterall, the quilt is not laying smooth due to quilting.So the small crease that is there will blend.

I think this is probably like quilting and the more I do it the better I will get at it.

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