Thursday, September 16, 2010


It looks like I may have to limit my sewing for quite awhile. I was desperately trying to finish these 2 quilts but I keep dropping stuff and getting frustrated so I don't think it will happen. After my carpal tunnel surgery last year, the doctor said he thought my other nerve ( in my elbow) was affected too. I did all the conservative treatment he suggested. Almost a year later the pain is worse, I am dropping stuff and my arm just feels weak. I am going to see him again tomorrow and see if he thinks I can get away without treatment ( maybe it will heal on it's own?). I am pretty sure he will send me for tests then surgery. That is what we talked about last year. In the mean time I just wish I had someone to help me finish these quilts. There is not much at all left to one (binding). Maybe I can convince Josh to help me.

Oh, the label I made yesterday I had to trash. The momma spelled the babies name different then what I embroidered Grrrrrr. Tried embroidering it again today but kept dropping everything and just hurt so after 3 times I shut the machine off and walked away!!!!I has never taken me 3 plus months to do 2 baby quilts. I am so frustrated!!!!

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